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Insurance - Where do we begin?

There are a number of different ways that we can protect you using insurance products. We can protect your family and your assets should you pass away, we can protect you from financial loss due to a life threatening illness and even protect your income should you be injured or hut and are unable to work. No matter what the solution is, we get started the same way!



Term Life Insurance

Term Life is in expensive and effective in covering your family and assets throughout your life! It provides a tax free lump some of money paid out in the event of your death. We use it to provide your family with the funds needed to maintain financial security should something happen to you. Our advisers use a Capital Needs worksheet to determine how much coverage is needed taking into consideration expenses like:

  • Paying out your mortgage
  • Replacing your income
  • Pay final expenses and debts
  • Provide education opportunities for your spouse and/or kids

Did you know, for $1/day a 30 year old couple could have $400,000 coverage on a 10 year term. It is a common misconception that Life Insurance is expensive. It's a small amount of money when you consider what the financial security would mean to your family when they're going through the toughest time of their lives. Call us today or click here !

Mortgage Insurance

Did you know, banks only cover the balance of mortgage! This means your coverage decreases with every payment, it is not transferable and only pays out on one life? It pays directly to the bank, make the smart choice and protect yourself with individual life insurance, we protect you not your creditors! Most people are paying 50% more for their mortgage protection that individual life insurance and we pay your beneficiaries not the Bank Find out how to save money and protect your family instead of the bank! Call us today or Click here!

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance means permanent, never goes away, never goes up, can be funded over 10, 20 years or level for life, it never goes away! The policy can’t be canceled by the insurer for any reason. pays cash value on top o most death benefits, has dividends and investment components. We can use these plans to maximize your pension planning, offset estate costs, taxation, talk to one of our experts today, call or click and we will show you how your can use these plans to decrease your estate taxes, provide more funds to the ones you want to leave it to! Click us today or click here !

Critical Illness

What you don't know about this product could cripple you financially! Critical illness insurance pays out A TAX FREE LUMP SUM of money paid to you in the event you’re diagnosed with a serious illness. Most  plans offer 100% of your premiums repaid in the event of your death before the 30 day waiting period is over, making your plan virtually premium free. Benefits are completely tax free. Heart attack, cancer, stroke, coma, heart bypass surgery, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, major organ transplant, paralysis, kidney failure, blindness, severe burns, loss of speech, deafness, occupational HIV, loss of limbs, Lou Gehrig's Disease, insulin-dependent Diabetes, loss of independence and many more conditions are considered critical illnesses. If you purchase a Loss of Independence clause, due to injury or sickness and can’t do two of your daily tasks such as eating, bathing, or dressing, you could receive a tax-free lump sum of cash to use however you need it. Let Feller Financial Group tailor these plans to meet your needs. Call or click above today to protect your income and retirement funds. Don't let an illness change your life. Call us today or click here!

Disability insurance

Have you ever asked yourself, if your hurt who will provide the income, how will you pay your bills? Personal disability can protect that income so the flow never stops even if you sick or injured on the job or off the job. Most group plans today don’t provide the same amount of protection they used to, a lot max out at EI levels, sometimes leaving a large gap in your income while on benefits. Are you self-employed? Get yourself  protected, don’t let a broken leg or back pain take away your ability to live, let us help you provide income if you can’t! Call us today or click here today!

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